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We realize this is a difficult time for everyone in our community.  We want our clients to know that we will be available as usual during this crisis.  Governor Wolf has identified veterinary hospitals as one of the essential businesses to remain open. 

We are taking steps to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

To minimize client-client interaction, we are spacing our appointments.  Furthermore, if clients arrive while the previous appointment is being seen, we will have the client wait in a a vacant exam room until the previous client exits and the room is cleaned (a procedure that has always been in place).

We are also offering to bring your pet into the office from your car, call you to discuss the situation and update you via phone or text. 

With regard to your pets, you should know that the human coronavirus, COVID-19, has not been definitively shown to be transmitted from humans to dogs or cats. There is also no reason to believe they would be any risk to develop and shed the virus to people. 

Dogs, cats, people and MANY other species are commonly infected with coronaviruses. It’s important for everyone to realize that this virus family is not new and, therefore, shouldn’t be feared as some horrible, unknown entity. The anxiety bordering on panic being fostered by the media and others is very unfortunate. 

We should all practice good community hygiene practices as you’ve heard reiterated in the media and try to mitigate the spread of the virus.  We should be doing this at all times, especially during the flu season. 

We encourage everyone to consult reliable sources for your information about the current coronavirus pandemic:

We hope that we will be able to delete this update in the very near future. Until then, be safe and remember to call us, as usual, with any questions concerning your pet’s health.